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7/29/2005 5:21 am

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I am so happy that ppl are providing feedback! YYYYAAAAYYY I love feedback! Especially you, nightstogether, your response was very awesome, and i'd love to hear more comments as intelligent as that

As for the story, I'm gonna kill it... I'm no writer, the story was very awkward, and well... i've been called a weeny too many times!

Now onto my 5 hottest members list for this week:

Honorable mentions:
wet4u1001, sexyfitwoman.

As I said before, you are all hot

this list will change as I view more really good blogs (everyone's is well written but mine...)

Well... I hope to hear tons of feedback on how I can make this better for you, my viewers, and wht you think of my taste in really sexy women on here

Always here,

P.S. Could my hotlist of members tell me about themselves more so I can give a fairer judgement of them? thx

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