My first sex story  

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7/28/2005 6:09 am

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My first sex story

I decided to try writing a sex story in my spare time on here (it is not true) - here goes nothin':

My name is Matt, and I recently was called to babysit a 15-year-old girl, Kelly, in northern

So, that's where last night came in. I was sitting on the couch at about 9:00. I had my shorts on, even though it's been really hot here of late, because Kelly's best friend Jennifer was spending the night (I had to watch her too...). Now, I soon learned Jennifer is a really sad case. She and her 6-year-old brother, Jason, moved in across the street from Kelly a couple years ago and Jennifer and Kelly fast became best friends. Also, when I heard the story of
these kids from their aunt when Jennifer was dropped off, with whom they live, it broke my heart.

It seems their father is serving 15-years-to-life for molesting them from a very early age and their mother is a crack whore. Even with all this going against them, they’ve always been nice, polite children.

So, back to last night. As I said I was sitting on the couch at 9 o' clock. Since I knew the girls were long asleep, I had my shorts down around my ankles and was jacking off to a juicy porn film I snuck over. So there I am flogging
away when I hear "can't you find a girlfriend" from over my right shoulder. I jump up and start to pull up my shorts really quick but end up falling on my face on the carpet. I am so embarrassed that I can hardly think, when
Jennifer says "don't you think you are a little old to be doing that?" I start to roll over and try to get up but she has sat down in my chair, turned the movie off, and has her feet pushing me down onto my face. All I can think is, at least she can't see my now shrunk up dick anymore, but my ass is widely exposed. I should explain that I'm not a very large more ways than overpowering her from my current position would have taken some doing.

"Please let me get up and pull up my shorts Jennifer." "I kind of like you down there Matt" she says. "I'll tell you what, if you promise not to try and pull your shorts up I'll let you roll over". "I can't do that,” I say, "You'll see my privates!" "I think I've seen about all I want to see of them for one night, but I like the pitiful position you've put yourself in".
"OK" I say and she lets me roll over.

"So, matthew, what do you think I ought to do about this?" "Please Jennifer, I'm begging you, just don't say anything about this to Kelly or your Aunt Sally, they would both
kill me". "So, what's in it for me to keep quiet?" I'm not sure I like where this conversation is going. I'd suspected for some time that Jennifer was, shall we say, a bit advanced sexually for her age and I was really
afraid she would pass too much, too soon, on to Kelly. "What do you want?"
"Hmmmm, how about you start by taking all your clothes off and finish what
you were doing so I can watch?" "I can't do that sweetheart, that's disgusting. I'm old enough to be your father and it would be illegal".
"Seems to me that you aren't in much of a position to argue matthew". She
had a point.

You guessed it, I got up and took off the rest of my clothes, she turned the movie back on, and I knelt at her feet and masturbated while watching. It didn't go unnoticed
for long that I was watching a dominently female flick, and she soon had me crank up the volume. "This is really hot stevie. How
would you like it if I did some of these things to you?" Before I could answer she continued, "actually, forget about how you would like it, I'm GOING to do this stuff to you whether you like it or not, and if you even
think about objecting I'll have a really juicy tale for everyone." "You are in the perfect position for this, you obviously already had this desire and knew your place". "Please Jennifer, what about if I take you shopping and
buy you a bunch of new stuff?" "Oh, you’ll be doing that later, but you’re also going to be spending a lot of time making me happy in a whole lotta ways from now on".

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7/28/2005 7:28 am


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7/28/2005 8:47 am

not nutty thing man

xenograf 31M
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7/29/2005 10:13 am

it wasnt meant to be nutty neway, it was supposed 2 be a sex story...
i say "wasnt" and "was", because i am not gonna write nemore... it sukz

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