"How This All Begins" or more appropriately...  

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7/19/2005 3:56 am

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"How This All Begins" or more appropriately...

Go about 5 clicks south, veer left when you get to the plastic fork in the road, then turn right about 4 miles past where Old Tom's house was until about 30 years ago, where you'll come to a complete stop and ask yourself "Now what in the hell was the last thing they told us back there?"

Seems everything gets too serious at times. Somedays, no matter where you go or who you see it's the same thing: Unsmiling faces, sharing dismal times and places. Well, you won't see this sort of shit here at The Sky-Blue Tavern!! In fact, negativity, complaining, putting down others, griping, and just plain "no-good for nothing" comments are Not Allowed when you come here, so please keep in mind these simple, though often overused rules: 1) If you haven't got anything good to say here, then don't say anything at all. 2) See rule #1 because it's the only one we'll have here.

Everything else is fair game, happy honey/hunk hunting, and may the saints of sensual sexualities shower slowly upon you the surest of sharings you seek sincerely.

Oh, and there's a test at the end...
if you can't say that last part 5 times in 30 seconds, you're too horny to drive, and you'll need a ride home from a friend here at... yep, you got it... The Sky-Blue Tavern. (named after our very own pet pussies, Skylar and Blue. Hey, we're just the janitors and they know it).

Feel free to drop in and help us sin-tertain. - - xcitementseekers.

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