if we had 24 hours together...  

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8/29/2005 11:31 pm

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if we had 24 hours together...

i think i would begin by tieing your wrists and ankles to the bed posts; and with the softest rose petals i could find i would brush them over your body, ever so slowly.

from time to time i would brush them across your lips, and neck, breasts and inner thighs. i would slowly work your senses into a heightened state. arousing you slowly with the caress of the petals and the warmth of my breath as i too worked myself up restraining from touching you with my body, only the rose pedals.

after all we have 24 hours, what's the rush?

then when that had proceeded until touching eachother was no longer possible i would untie one hand so you could touch me (or yourself) however you pleased. i would begin kissing you in the most sensitive regions of your body; ear lobes, nape of the neck, collar bones, wrists, thighs, small of your back, stomach...

at first these kisses would be so light, you would barely be able to tell if they were kisses at all, or just the slightest breath, warming your body, like little puffs of steam, and then going cool again

now i would untie you other hand, and move around
behind you and running my fingers through your hair, caressing your body with my hands. allowing you to move my hands where you wanted them, or having the use of your hands to touch yourself or me. as i caress your hair and massage your scalp your feel all the stress and tension still hidden your body floating away. you feel my warm breath and kisses on your ears
and the back of your neck, the small of back, up and down the sides of your arms and torso.

to this point i have only touched you in the most
gentle of ways and i have only touched your breasts or lower lips if you have guided my hands there yourself.

i have waited building up to a tension that is
unbareable. not just for me, the man, but for you too, as the women. we want each other so severly, it is stronger than a thirst for water in the parched hot desert sun.

i am so aroused and you are so wild for something
more. but we now only begin touching each other with our hands, me your breasts and nipples, until they burn with a fierce passion of a sexual desire we have never waited and built up to before. we touch each other and ourselves, i guide your hand with mine as your grab and stroke me. you take my hand and show me the rhythm and way you like to be touch as only you
yourself can know. working each other to the next
stage of heated lust. until our rhythms becomse one. i work with my hands in a way that you have only experienced in your fantasies of what it could be like with a man. your perfect fantasy becomes your reality for the first time. and you guide my hand to the perfect motion and rhythm of climax.

and then i would begin to again kiss your body, more forcefully, and with a new strength, until i had worked down your back and around to your stomach and down. until i began to match that same rhythm orally. and again as it has been only a fantasy until now i work and i work until again i have made you climax with a careful yet rabid oral encounter.

but i still have yet to enter you, but now you are ready to take me, just as i am more than ready to take you.

and when it is clear that we are about to errupt from the very deepest parts of our tingling sexuality i enter you slowly and sweetly building with thrust until again the perfect rhythm and friction and heat and moistness is the most overpowering sexual experience we have ever had in our entire lives. we have never had fantasies that could match the raw, strong sensations that our bodies begin to feel. and we would thrust and heave our bodies together into one pure, burning heap of fire and passion, until finally we had both climaxed together, and going until our bodies and energies were spent and we lay together upon all the softest rose pedals we had beg with the night before. and only they new and contained the story of the greatest night of our lives.

and that is how we would spend our 24 hours locked in a room together.

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