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8/31/2005 7:13 pm

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a day in the life

Last night I actually got some sleep. The methadone is making me sleep way too much lately. Went to the clinic, came home, tried to sleep for 20 minutes, then went to school(phoenix college). I always enjoy going to school cause it gets me out of the house and I get to be my idiot self around other people. Life is just one big silly experience around that many people. My class(MAT091) which I call, "stupid people math" was the same as it was last week. I missed Monday and Tuesday so I thought I would be way behind. No such luck...

I think that a couple girls in the back of the class like me. Since occasionally I (think see them looking over at me and giggling. I could be totally wrong though. The guy next to me keeps looking at me like i'm a total fucking idiot. I think I might have to have to beat his knuckles with my face soon.

The teacher, mr Stanley, is such a dullard heh. He's alot funner than the messed up psychopaths I had in freshman year though.

After class I did this and that, my life is so boring... i went home and went to sleep.

C'est la vie

ta ta

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