Yet another report from slave girl!  

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12/19/2005 2:01 am

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Yet another report from slave girl!

This time my master summoned me to the domain where he rules. - his dungeon. Again, I was anxious because I knew he would have total control over me and I would not be able to resist what he chose to do with me. This was not only because he was much stronger and could overpower me physically, but also because he had a sexual fascination for me and could overcome my any resistance I had with his touch or with one of the full, strong kisses that he would plant on my mouth which would take the very breath out of me and leave me limp.

I drove to a place where he has instructed me to meet him and waited. In minutes he pulled up and I stepped into his car and received one of his deep, insistent kisses that went straight to the place between my legs. We made casual conversation while we drove and soon arrived at our destination. There he led me up a flight of steps into an entry way where I removed my coat and belongings. In another moment, though, I was in the dungeon, a room as far removed from the entrance as night from day.
I took in the room - the walls were red brick and the light was low, candlelit, seductive and warm. As I looked around, I saw that the furnishings were elegant - highly polished wood and leather - and all designed for torment. Dominating the room was a huge X-shaped St. Andrew's cross topped with a bower of red roses. In another corner was a leather horse - on the wall lay a bondage table that could be suspended from the ceiling. There was also a stock in which one's head and wrists could be locked. Heavy linked gleaming steel chains hung suspended from the ceiling in the corners and center of the room. A cage sat in yet another corner. But the eye was drawn to the assortment of whips, crops and paddles that hung from the wall and lay within reach of the master wherever he might be in the room.

Once the door was closed, he instructed me to remove my clothes, which I did, except for a pair of knee-high stiletto-heeled black leather boots. He put a thick black leather dog collar tightly around my throat. He then placed thick leather cuffs around each wrist and each ankle. "Step forward and pay tribute to your master," he said and I knelt and placed the small gift I had brought for him on a chest at the foot of the cross.
He pulled me up into a kiss but it was not to last, as he fastened first one cuff and then the other and both of my leads into position on the cross.
He pulled out a tool - a riding crop? A whip? I could not tell, I was facing to the cross and away from him. He began gently, almost tickling, teasing me with the instrument. But in minutes, he was lashing me harshly making my back, buttocks and thighs burn. He changed the whip for a crop, for a paddle, but did not stop. The beatings seemed to go on and on. Finally they paused but only because he planned something else. "Arch your back and thrust your ass up," he said gently, while picking up a burning candle. He dropped hot wax on my upturned red cheeks, making them burn even more and I cried out and tied to move away. My bonds held me fast and he laughed at my futile movements and watched as the liquid ran down my back and ass, quickly cooling to a molded layer like a second skin.

I was exhausted already and my head rested on the side of the cross, but he was not done with me yet--- not by a long shot.

He removed my bonds from the cross, but only to move me to the restraining chain in the middle of the dungeon. He pulled first one then the other arm behind me and fastened them behind my back, pulling the chain upward so that I would be pitched forward. He raised my head long enough to kiss me again and place a ball gag in my mouth. I resisted, I did not want it in my mouth but he made me take it in. Finally, he spread my legs with his knee and fastened each ankle to a hook in a steel bar that held my legs apart. I felt his hands running up and down my naked body as if to prove to me that he could touch what he wanted, do what he wanted with me. He moved to face me and I could see he had a row of clothes pins and I started struggling -- I did not want them on my body - I remembered how he had pinched my nipples before and the excruciating pain. But he was insistent, and at first stroked my naked pussy with his hand and fingered my hole. "Oh my, aren't we wet? You do like this, don't you?" It was true, his attentions to my body had me very excited and wet. He took a pin and clamped it on my labia. I was surprised, it did not hurt but stimulated my cunt instead. Then, gently rubbing one nipple - he clamped the pin around it and did the same to the other. Again the pressure was pleasurable, not painful.

He moved behind me and pulled the chain which forced my body to pitch forward. He picked a new tool and began running it over my body. I felt a new sensation - clearly cool, like metal. A pin? A spindle? I could not tell at first, but the smooth movement as the instrument rolled over my backside soon informed me that my master was using a rolling spur. Again, as with the whips and paddles, the pleasurable sensation gave way to pain as he increased the pressure and traced patterns all over my shoulders, back, ass and thighs. This lasted until I began squirming trying to evade his touch, but he replaced the spur with more lashings from the whips and paddlings until again, my body burned.

How long I was suspended there, I cannot say. Soon my master released me from that position, but only to place me in new torments. He removed the gag, led me by the collar to the horse and bent me over the leather. My face was almost to the floor and my ass was elevated up in easy access to whatever my master devised. He again showered me with blows from the paddle and whip, but repeatedly thrust his hand between my legs to massage my pussy, getting it ready for an assault by a huge black dildo. He lubed up the dildo and forced into my hole, ramming it into me as far as it could go. His thrusts were deep and I cried out - they went too far, the cock was too big and it hurt me badly. He then began to thrust the dick quickly, fucking me hard with it. It felt incredible, but I could not climax - I was overwhelmed by all the sensations that had preceded this. The fucking stopped, and he released me from the horse, turned me around and pulled me to him. He embraced me by folding me into his large strong arms and kissed me again and again, deeply. It was strange, at first I did not know how to respond. He hurt me and I was shut down from him - and at the same time, I was excited and his kisses and the warmth of his body made me hot and all I wanted was to sink into him and forget everything else. But even as lust and need rushed over me, he pushed me away and sat down on the horse. "Kneel down here in front on me," he said. I did and looked up into his face. He smiled down at me. "Lick my boots now, that's a good girl." I did not hesitate. I bent over and began licking his boots as if he had presented his cock to me and allowed me to taste his essence. My tongue flicked over the leather passionately as I rocked my head from one boot to the other. It was as close as I could get to him at the moment and I was hungry to be with him.

When he felt I had done enough, he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. It was time for another test of my obedience. "Go to the cage and get inside." I crept to the cage on all fours and at the entrance hesitated. I did not want to go in but I felt his hand at my ass pushing me forward. "Go on, get in there." Once in, I turned back to look at him. Again, he smiled and then pushed the door down on me and locked it. He then left the room - I was not to know when and if he would return, and a rush of anxiety took over, until he was safely back. But he did come back -- he was not finished with me.

Unlocking the door, he allowed me to crawl out and stood me on my feet. He removed the cuffs from my wrists and boots and made me take off my boots. He then handed me a patent leather cat suit. "Put it on." I slid into it and he replaced the cuffs and boots and led me to the cross. Again, he fastened me spread armed and spread eagled to the cross and began lashing me with the whips and paddles until they burned even through the material of the suit. "Do you like that? Do you? Let's see how much you like that," he said as he removed me from the cross and made me straddle his boot. "Rub yourself on my boot. I want to see you cum." He did not need to say more. I was extremely excited and began rubbing my pussy against the leather of his boot. The material of the suit was smooth and it was easy to stroke myself into climax. I came with force, my body shuddering again and again with repeated spasms. But he wanted more. He stood me up and helped me shed the cat suit. Again he ordered me to stroke myself on his boot until I came again, which I did within moments. "Okay then. Good girl," he said, "now lick your cum off my boot." I did and tasted my juices. But my master would not rest until I had cum again. "Get back into the cage and play with yourself there, while I watch you," He ordered, adding that I would not be able to leave the cage until I had climaxed. I was very wet and very excited. I lay on the floor of the cage, supporting my head with a velvet pillow and bracing my legs against the walls. Eagerly, my fingers dipped into my hole dripping with juices and spread them over my clit, rubbing with delicious friction and speeding me to yet another orgasm. Afterward I was spent with sensation. I felt I could do no more, but my master again had other plans. He let me out of the cage and standing me up, he replaced the cuffs and again hooked me up to the cross. He pulled my butt back and again I felt the big black cock at my pussy hole. He rammed the hard slick tool into me, wringing out one more orgasm. Then he placed the cock with my juices at my mouth and ordered me to lick them off. Finally it was over. He released me from my bonds and embraced me, kissing me and holding my body closely to his. He stroked my hair as if I was his favorite pet. "Are you addicted to me yet?" I did not answer. I did not know how to answer him then. I only realized much, much later, when I could still smell his scent on every part of me, and inhaling it, felt a shock to my pussy and waves of pleasure throughout my body -- that I did belong to him and could not even think of any other.

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