The slave girl point of view  

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12/10/2005 12:48 pm

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The slave girl point of view

I was filled with anticipation for the evening? The kind of anticipation that someone has before they are going on stage. I felt nauseous most of the day and was so restless that I could not think or settle down to do work. Part excitement, part dread, because I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew it would be intense. At the same time, I never thought to call things off; never doubted that I would go through with the plan. I was very drawn to the Master. Fascinated by his mind and his ability to dominate me, even in conversation.

When the time arrived, I dressed carefully and made up my face as requested. I wore only a short sleek black dress and stiletto shoes, no panties; I did not want much to come between Master Dru and myself. I wore my collar too, the one I had been ordered to wear all week -- to please him.

He arrived, and my heart jumped to see him. He had brought his tools with him, but would not let me see them. I was not to know what was ahead of me. He embraced me with a kiss, but he soon led me to the living room and couch, where he made me kneel in front on him facing away. I felt his hands at my neck, stroking me gently then removing my collar. He whispered, "I will need to replace this with something more suitable." It was an old fashion thick black leather dog collar that he fastened tightly around my throat. He pulled my hair up from my neck and softly kissed my ears and traced his lips down the sides of my neck. I felt a surge of electricity from a sense of his power, but his gentleness as well.

He pulled my hands behind me, first one and then I felt him knotting a cord around one wrist, securing the knots. Then he pulled the other hand back and bound that securely as well. He worked slowly, methodically. For the first time I felt a tinge of fear, because I realized how vulnerable I was. He could do anything at that point, and I would not be able to resist. As if to reassure me, he massaged and stroked my neck and shoulders again and planted small kisses on my throat and shoulders. He then gathered my hair back in a bunch and pulled me back, I heard a click as he fastened a heavy corded thick black leash to my collar. He then came around front, stood me up and faced me. He put his fingers into my mouth as if to inspect my teeth, tongue, and mouth. He took my tongue between his fingers and pulled it. He told me that he needed to inspect his property and see what condition it was in. Those words made me feel strangely hot and light-headed. He let me suck his fingers, but then placed the leash in my mouth and made me bite it down.

Again a thrill of fear, clearly it was a gag to silence me. What was he planning to do? Again he slid back around me and sat on the couch, making me kneel in front of him facing away. He came up close behind me and I felt his hands moving down from my shoulders to my breasts, rubbing my nipples, softly at first then harder and harder, kneeding them, then pinching, then twisting them until the pain was unbearable. I tried not to move, but I couldn't help myself. I yanked myself out of his reach, "No stop, stop." I said. Now I was really afraid, he could hurt me badly if he wanted. I was no match for him, and I no longer knew if I could trust him. He grabbed the sides of the leash, which was still in my mouth and yanked me back to him. He reached down again for my nipples, and twisted them again, but the pain again was awful and I could not stand it and wrenched myself from him again. He again grabbed the leash and yanked me back toward him, and I heard him laugh softly. Panic was building in me, but I forced myself to stay calm and obedient. I wanted to experience what was next.

He pulled out another tool, a riding crop. He pushed me forward and yanked up on my arms to that I was bent over on my knees. He traced circles on my ass cheeks and then again from behind -- he stroked my pussy with the crop. I could not help myself, in spite of the fear, I began to get excited as the blood began pounding through my body and seemed to pool with heat in the spot between my legs where he was rubbing. He put the crop away and pulled a leather paddle out. At first he began sliding it across my ass cheeks and thighs and between my legs, as he had with the crop. Then he began slapping my ass with the paddle, harder and harder, reddening my cheeks. The slaps stung but they were bearable, even exciting. I was on my knees, but he pulled the ropes up harder so that I was arched over, and my backside more exposed to him. It was uncomfortable, and again I had a sense of his power as he supported my weight with one arm, while he paddled me with the other.

He stopped abruptly to raise me to my feet. He removed my little slip of a dress, and now I was completely naked in front of him, except for my shoes and the collar. He pushed me back down to my knees again as I kneeled before him. His breath was hot at my ear as he asked, "How many men do you think would like to see you this way? " Did he mean naked, bound, and helpless? I did not know how to answer him. He just laughed, and again yanked up on my arms so that again I was bent over from my waist. He pulled out a cat-o-nine tales and began whipping me all over with it, but the leather was soft. It felt good, stimulating. I began to relax into the pleasure of his attentions.

He stopped, and I felt him removing the cords from my wrists. He came round to face me, pulled me to my feet again, removed the leash from my mouth and began kissing me fiercely, passionately. I sank into his arms. I was now dizzy, light headed from the change from intense fear to sensuality. He ran his hands down my naked body, stroking my back, my thighs and over my tummy up to my breasts. Again, he teased my nipples, first gently, then again, twisting them until the pain was absolutely excruciating. I could not help myself -- I cried out, begged him to stop and pulled away. He grabbed me again and twisted. I began to cry -- it was too much, I could not take it. He stopped and embraced me again, kissing me gently all over my face like a little child. He placed the leash back in my mouth. "Get down on all fours." he whispered. I did so like a dog, but my upright posture was unsatisfactory. He pushed my head and shoulders down, so that my ass arched up, naked and available to him. He moved behind me where I could not see him and began whipping me fiercely with the cat-o-nine-tails. Again, pleasure surged up in me as the soft whip brought the blood up to the surface of my skin warming me all over. He pulled out the paddle again and began slapping me, but this time, he brought it down hard, and it stung terribly. Yet I did not pull away. It hurt, but I did not want to disappoint him by being weak. The beating stopped, but only because he had something else in store for me. Master Dru pulled out an enormous black dildo. I felt it as he positioned it at my pussy. It was too big, and I felt it fill me completely as he rammed it into my hole. He began fucking me with it. "How do you like this?", he asked "Do you like having this big dick fucking you?" I nodded and said, "Yes Master, fuck me with that big dick." Then then pain gave way to pure pleasure. Moving to my front he sat me down on one of his legs that he used to force the dildo even deeper into me. It was almost too much as it drove too deeply into me. He then pulled it from my pussy and stood us both up. He brought the cock around to my face. He removed the leash from my mouth and placed the cock at my lips. "Taste it, suck it, that's a good girl." He pushed it deeply down into my throat again and again. It went in too far, too deep gagging me, again, and again. I could not breath, or swallow. I reared my head back away from the cock, and began coughing, trying to get in air. He stopped and moved to my behind. He pushed me down to all fours again, and I felt his fingers probing my asshole, stroking me, then I felt the dildo at the entrance to my ass. He began pushing it into me, but it was too much and I cried out and pulled away. He did not force it further. The whole experience had been very intense! He could see I was exhausted, and needed a short breathing spell to recover, before the next round.

ladylover196868 49M

12/10/2005 1:36 pm

What a great story I wish I was there to see you.

FriendlybutKinky 49M

12/10/2005 2:05 pm

Thank you for a glimpse into this world. I don't claim to understand the attraction, but it sounds like you really enjoy it? Even as you describe being pushed beyond your comfort level?

It was very descriptive, I appreciate you putting it out there for people to see.

All the Best,

FriendlybutKinky 49M

12/10/2005 2:07 pm

Oh my, looked closer and realized the blog is owned by the, you had one of your Subs write this so you could post it?


xanderdru 42M
1 post
12/10/2005 11:14 pm

Yes, FriendlybutKinky it is from a slave girl that wrote it last week after our session. It's kinda vauge on that point I guess until you look really close.

Blessed Be;

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