My one experience w/ swaping and w/ a girl (from the female)  

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2/21/2006 8:59 pm

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My one experience w/ swaping and w/ a girl (from the female)

I was dating some guy at the time. He had a buddy who needed to get laid. I had some girl pals and suggested one for his buddy to hook up with. She came over wearing this short skirt and tank top. I don't know what got into me but I kept grabbing her ass and tits. I wasn't even the one drunk mind you.

Fast forwarding, her and my friend's buddy had sex. My bf and I came in as they were finishing up. Turns out, the buddy didn't get her off. Since my bf always bragged about how his cock was god's gift to freaking man, I told him to fuck her. He got to it and I stood there watching with the buddy. We exchanged glaces and he finally asked me if I wanted to leave. I said sure and we left. Once out of the room, we laughed and joked at how awkard it was to watch.

Later we came in once they were done. My guy didn't get her off either. "Oh what the hell," I thought and went down on her. After both of them, I got her off. It was a power trip, hearing a girl moan my name. I can see why guys love it so much. After that was done, she said something about wanting some chocolate so I took a hershey kiss, rolled it up her pussy w/ my tongue to her nipples, then to her lips and kissed her.

Moral of the story? None. Just was told so that you couples or whatever can gage me and my comfort level. This experience was years ago and I haven't done anything similar since.

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