I like it when vampires bite me (from the female)  

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2/26/2006 3:19 pm

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I like it when vampires bite me (from the female)

One of my weaknesses is being bit/sucked on my neck. This was never always the case. I had a bf into vampires. I was call him Lestat and his would call me his Dark Queen. Dark Queen Akasha to be exact. For those who know my real name, Akasha sounds very similar to it. He would wear the fake fangs, come visit me at night (since I gave him the key to my place. I loved him dropping in unannounced. Made it all mysterious and what not), the whole nine.

One day he said he needed to "feed" and I allowed him to bite me. The pain felt so good. It would hurt to the point where I thought he drew blood but he never did. That's a good thing. He would bite, suck, and pull on my neck. I got so addicted that I would often drive my long nails into my neck and squeeze just to mimic the pain. I still do on occasion, all without drawing blood. I just like the pain, not the blood.

I talked to one of my gothy raver buddies while I was going out w/ my vamy guy. He could relate to how addicting it is since he was into it himself. He warned me that some go over board and end up cutting themselves and all that sort of stuff just to mimic the pain like I was doing. Therefore I stopped. That and I haven't found another guy that can bite me the right way. Oh how I hunger for Lestat..........more like Louie. Damn Brad Pit is hot! So is Armond. Go Antionio! Hmm sounds like a Blockbuster night. =P

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