So I Was In My Room All By Myself...  

x0Sarrie0x 28F
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8/16/2006 1:52 pm
So I Was In My Room All By Myself...

Ok, so here I was in my room all by myself. Bored, and lonely I decided to play with myself. I of course, did what I usually did, used my brush *hair brush* handle, not the prickly part. *TIPS: Girls, if you haven't tried using your brush handle then you are missing out on ka-zillion orgasms. Make sure the handle has a round shape to it, so it feels like a dick, but not as good.* Anyways, since it had been awhile since I've fucked myself, I got so incredibly wet. I like doing things fast and hard, because that gives me the best orgasms, and makes me really wet. And when I'm wet, you know I'm turned on. So yah I just kept going at it for like 20 minutes and then I got all tired and decided to stop. I had fun, sure, but I'm desperate to try something new.


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