tantra yoga, love . sex and the alternate lifestyle  

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5/28/2005 6:07 pm

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tantra yoga, love . sex and the alternate lifestyle

One of the most amazing things about tantra is becoming aware that your partner is a mirror of you. If you see them from a certain perspective then you may well see a part of yourself that you need to deal with. For example, if your partner seems distant is it you who is actually creating the distance. But always remember there are two people in this equation so you might be acting out what your partner needs to work on.
Maybe one of the most amazing things I have gained from Tanra is an incredible sense of patience with my world. Lifes blows are easier to take and remedy because of my self-awareness. I have truly learned to let go and trust in the truth that what is happening is what I need to learn.
When you combine the paragraphs above you can begin to see, I hope, that Tantra can take you to another sense of yourself. An awareness that in part you are creating your own environment. I was taught that we in our minds create our own universe.
Through the practice of Tantra yoga, I have internalized what I learned and do it as naturally as any other process I deal with during the day.

Artimus4U 55F

6/10/2005 6:15 am

Hey Wyle!

I can read the benefits of tantra, but do you have some exercises one can try?

- Thanks, Arti

Bard of Norcal

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6/23/2005 12:33 am

hey coyote! Great blog

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