Tantra yoga, love and the alternate lifestyle  

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3/22/2005 4:13 pm

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Tantra yoga, love and the alternate lifestyle

For those who read my first entry you may be asking yourselves the very questions I posed at the end. So now I will endeavor to pass along what I have learned.
To start look at the term soulmate. We use it quite often to describe the ideal person for ourselves in a loving relationship. But with tantra you come to realize that any person can be that soulmate. And that your soulmate is merely a reflection of that part of yourself.
The ancient yin and yang symbol is part of the key. Male female. I'm sure everyone here has heard of right brain(male) and left brain (female). That is todays jargon to explain that we as individuals are comprised of both male and female. We may have one body that manifests itself as one sex, but in reality we are both.
Your partner or soulmate is the other part of you. This is also key to understanding tantra. Your partner is the other half of you. When you make love to your partner you are making love to yourself.

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