One bloody day of the year  

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4/26/2006 6:54 am

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One bloody day of the year

there will be some who remember the play of the same name.
I am totally exhausted after the ANZAC rememberances, went to the Melbuorne shrine for the midnite to dawn with others who have lost friends and relatives. My brother who has regular army military background(nor CMF like me) doesn't go, not at all, I am coming around to his point of view.
Anzac day should not be, we are probably the only countryin the world that celebrates s defeat!!!
this commemoration is a way for our politicians and incompetent military leaders in the past to use soldiers sacrifices to avoid taking resposibility for their own stupidity and poor skills.
Soldiers only have to fight because politicians and diplomats don't do the jog they are paid to do.
I cannot put this too strongly, bravery and valour in the feild are no substitute for good leadership, good equipment and the very best training .
Even now in Iraq we are seeing the same mistakes happening, we have few troops over there, but even that small number is too many. Australia cannot defend itself: with our present small military budget and the desire of certain political groups to be a player in world affairs without paying for the deck of cards we are headed for regional disaster.
It costs a lot to train and equip a soldier, it costs a lot more to train a good one, IT COSTS A LOT MORE TO BURY ONE.
Where are the men we need, not here anymore, when you take away our rights,responsibilies and ability to deal with our mistakes and mis-demeanors by law you have also taken away our desire to fight to protectour shores against outside attack and invasion.
we could fix our manpower problem simply and easily and improve our standing in the pacific region very easily, but the simple cost effective and temporal solution is way too hard for our pollies to understand.
bring bacg the Pacific Islands Regiment.!!!
Lets use mercenaries, just like the British(GHURKA'S), French(Legion D'es Ettrangieres)and use the swiss system of universal and compulsory national service before citizenship.

I Hope this make some of you think,

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