Damn, what a week!  

wulfpack04 36M
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7/21/2006 3:55 pm
Damn, what a week!

Damn, what a week it's been this week! I hate to keep going on and on about work (hell, it's a sex site after all), but it's been the most mentally exhausting, tiring week I've had in a long time... and after a couple of employees leaving today, next week isn't looking any better!

Well, they are setting up the band and the beer stands outside the front window of my downtown loft, so I figure I'll wander down there in a few, drink a couple of over-priced beers, and see what kind of trouble I can get into! It's definitely shaping up to be one of those party-your-ass-off, drink-a-lot, fuck-a-lot, relieve-some-stress types of weekends... but hell, a nice relaxing dinner with some good conversation would be good too! haha

Well, enough rambling for today!

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