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4/4/2006 9:45 am

You just got home from work, a beer in your hand as you take of the t-shirt soaked in sweat off. I stand there staring. Admiring seeing your naked chest. Standing there by the bathroom door, dressed in a strap shirt which barely covers my breasts. Slowly removing my shorts, I invite you into the shower. You standing there staring at the thong and unknowingly slamming your beer. Wordlessly I stand aside waiting until I see you removing the rest of your clothes. You grab a rope off the top of the fridge and tell me to get in the shower. I start the water and get our towels ready. Before I had the chance to remove the rest of my clothes you come in and grab my wrists. You lead me into the shower and tell me to face you with my arms up. You place the rope around my wrists and the shower head. Dangling, as the water begins to stream down upon my hair and drenching my shirt. My nipples begin to perk. You nibble my nipple through the shirt. then you stand back. Admiring how you can see the lips of my pussy outlined through the fabric of my thong. You get down on your knees and your mouth begins to caress me. You begin to tease me by licking my pussy through the fabric. And sometimes allowing your tongue to slide beneath once and a while. Your hands placed on my ass. You grab a hold of my thong with your teeth, and begin to slide them off. You stand, begin kissing me, intense passion fills within you and you begin to nibble on my lower lip. As you pull away your tongue grazes my upper lip. Getting back down on your knees and begin feeling the wetness of my pussy as you stick your fingers deep within me. You start rubbing my clit as I begin to twist and turn. You then bury your face in the wetness of my pussy. I raise my foot off the sidebar of the shower, desiring more. Instead you reach for the soap and begin to lather the soap across my body until you reach my strap shirt near my stomach. Spreading the suds getting closer to my breasts, washing me and teasing me. You grab my shirt from the top. Your hands move fast, without a second thought. You tear the shirt off and let it lay there along the sides of each breast. You spread the slippery soap over my full breast encircling the nipples over and over. I start to beg you to release me, seeing your cock hard. My mouth waters from the desire. You slap my ass and said "Do not beg, it doesn't become you." In silence you cover my lips instantly, You press your lips upon mine kissing me tenderly. You step back to watch the water trickle down my breasts. watching the soap suds as it slides down my body to my toes. Gazing at you as you reach up at my wrists, you lock your lips on mine. Releasing them briefly from the shower head, you turn me around, tying me to the faucet. You kneel behind me watching the water as it streams down the lips of my pussy. Your hand reaches for the soft tender lips as you spread them a bit. You flicker your tongue slightly around my labia. Your tongue moves to my clit, as your hands wonder to my nipples. You pinch them slightly and I begin to moan. Muttering softly "Baby fuck me." You reach over and turn the water off. You release my hands from the faucet and grab the rope, leading me out of the shower. You drape a towel around me. Still dripping wet, you lead me into the hallway. You tell me to raise my hands and rest them on the wall. still tied and in your full control I do as you say. My face pressed against the wall you reach for one of my legs and rest it upon your knee. You kiss the back of my neck, as your hard cock brushes across my lips of my pussy. You nibble a bit. One hand supporting the leg resting on your knee, you slide your cock into my dripping wet pussy. Your cock embraced with the warmth of my wet juices. You begin as if you were making love to me. Your other hand placed on my breast touching my nipple roughly. You begin to pick up the pace of your cock sliding into my pussy as I start moaning. You thrash your cock into me with deep thrusts. Then you pull away. You grab the rope and lead me by the wrist to the bedroom. You lay on the bed, not even considering removing the rope. I climb between your legs. I glance up at you with a devilish grin and dive right between your legs with my mouth. The warmth of my breath covering the head of your cock as the wetness of my tongue grazes your flesh. Your body moves to comfort as you relax and enjoy every feeling you experience. Licking the head of your hard cock I slide you deeply into my throat. My tongue smothers your cock, twirling tip pressing you into my tongue, rubbing as if you were enclosed deeply into my wet tight pussy, and smothering the tip as it presses into the wall. You begin moaning, and you suddenly burst out that your too close to cumming. I don't care I love the control of making you cum as I want. You start moving as the uncontrolled desire to release hits you. Your cock contracts as it releases your warm juices into my mouth. We then snuggle up on the bed in each others arms. You enjoy the relaxation for about fifteen minutes as we discuss the events of your day.

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