sex toy soon  

wraecca 39M
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1/30/2006 1:21 am

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9/21/2010 1:48 pm

sex toy soon

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wraecca 39M
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1/31/2006 6:45 pm

hello twilighters...

are both of you watching this blog? Perhaps to inspire or cringe? Open the damn thing. I know.

i don't know if it is some fearful hesitency that has kept me from it... but she was the one who named the task to get the reward... and i am the one that has taken way too long on this one painting that was commissioned by a second cousin (who i am sure would be shocked to learn of the implications of her piece finally being completed.)

so now i have to ship it off before claiming some play time. and i hate packaging stretched canvases. yes. i am one of those artist that buys them pre-stretched because he is not much of a craftsman.

okay. it should be shipped off by tomorrow, and I am seeing her tomorrow night -- though it is supposed to be a studious time as she is working on her masters and dropping by after a late class.

but hey, wednesday is hump day, right?

wraecca 39M
358 posts
2/3/2006 10:50 am

we celebrated indeed...

and it was quite delicious... though no blue toys emerged...

as i was pulling off her top, it caught on her face, covering all but her mouth and trapping her arms in the sleeves...

well, i just could not resist, and held it there and played with her for a while, so she would not know where my mouth would land next... it became very hot, very quick and any thought of toy play was entirely forgotten....

i do tend to be dominant and mildly controlling in sexual situations... moving her around to suit my taste and interest... but i have not been hugely into restraint before...

she is... so i try to please by suprising her every once in a while... and this time was tasty... much teasing... going from her gasping mouth to her lovely nipples for a good long while... one hand holding her arms in her tangled sleaves... the other straying about her body... sometimes approaching, but never touching her wet wet cunt...

apparently she came before i even made a move to go down on her... by that time i had switched my mouth for my cock and was lowering it to her hungry mouth and taking it away tauntingly...

mmmmmm....something was incredibly smooth and fluid about that blindfolded cocksucking... so i began to lose focus a bit and was thrusting slow shallow strokes into her mouth... i forgot i was trying to tease her and i pushed my face between her legs to taste how wet she was... so wet and yummy.... she was wriggling her body and moaning around my cock...

ahhhhhhhh.... it went on a good while after that... culminating much later with her bent over the bed and me on the floor behind her...

we ended the night in a sweaty snuggle, tangled and tasty, and loving words.

Yes, hump day was great!!!
...but no toys were used.


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