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wraecca 39M
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6/2/2006 12:21 am
collaborative erotica

i thought it may be interesting to start and erotic story and see where it may go as people add comments to it...

Instead of commenting on the story... hit comment, and then continue the narrative to take it somewhere sexy...

It begins:

The ocean had pulled back, revealing the secret lives of crabs and barnacles. Tendrils of seaweed and wet rocks glistened in the sun.

It was a pleasure to clamber over driftwood and stone. To breathe the salty brine of the ocean.

Everything seemed a delicious gift to her. Each inch of shore had something to feast her senses on.

The sun licked her skin and the wind kissed her hair. Her loose shirt and shorts teased her flesh as her limbs bent to climb over another rocky outcropping... reveal a man sprawled out amongst the driftwood. Crumpled clothing and sandals perched nearby. The only fabric touching him was the large beach towel he lay on.

Her breath came in sharply in surprise. Her private thoughts evaporated like beads of sweat on goosefleshed skin.

He did not stir, but remained lying face down. His bronzed arms folded in front of him to support his head, which was covered in a dark mop of wavy curls.

His eyes were closed.

His apparent unconsciousness gave her boldness she may not otherwise have had. She allowed her gaze to drift over his form....

(your turn!)

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