Sex with strangers...I am talking about the movie.  

wpgfunman 41M
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6/13/2006 9:11 pm

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Sex with strangers...I am talking about the movie.

I rented the documentary "Sex With Strangers" the other day cause, lets face it, I will rent anything that deals with sex. Moreover, the idea of group sex (being 3 or more people just to get my idea of the definition) is highly intriguing for me.

The movie follows 3 couples in their swinging lifestyle. It portrays the joys, disappointments and the conflict the lifestyle they lead causes in their lives. It shows the good and the bad of the lifestyle.

Now I will admit, I have no experience in this area. I have never been in a MMF or MFF 3-some, or any combination of more than 2 people. (And I also usually have more 1-somes than anything else.) However I find the idea not only intriguing but highly arousing (Again I hear the eyes rolling).

I think part of the attraction for me is the abandonment of inhibitions, the freedom of sexually expressing yourself in a group of people who are seeking the same. The shedding of the daily weight of life and just allowing yourself to pleasure and be pleasured.

I will also admit the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" also rang a bell with me. Not only for the historical basis for the sex party that Tom Cruise's character visits (with the masks etc. It is a throw back to early religions where the act of sex was viewed as a spiritual act) but the fact that they performed their acts masked and therefore with total abandon of themselves and focused purely on the pure experience of the sex.

Now I am not suggesting that the only way I would have group sex is with masked people. I understand the reality of modern times that that is not the safest way to handle the situation. But it will always be a fantasy of mine to find a group of people that are dedicated to the spiritual side of sex, and who are willing to express themselves sexually in front of others and for a few hours be totally released of real world worries. Who can explore safely and savor the sights, sounds and sensations of the environment they are in.

I also know the truth, that this is fantasy, and that finding people like that may be a lifelong search.

But is always good to dream.

smoothnjuicy4u 50F

6/24/2006 3:01 pm

Hi Funman,
I know the lifestyle has always intrigued me as well. The mask would make it more intense so to speak. But I am a chicken and will problay only keep my desires in fantasy land but you are right its always good to dream of them anyways.

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