My BDAE!!!  

woodywood7_2006 40M
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8/4/2006 10:04 pm
My BDAE!!!

Man!i was so enthu today cause yesterday was my bdae!!my ex-schoolmates celebrated the bdae with me.we had lots of fun man!!when it was about 10 pm,most went home leaving only 2 hot girls and 1 guy left.i can't wait till the guy left which was 15 mins later.after the guy left,the 2 girls wanted to leave.i persuaded them to stay to dance with me.both of them wanted to dance with me.i can't possibly danced with 2 girls!!so we changed to drinking beer.we had a drinking contest.i drank 2 while the girls drank 1 each and they were drunk!Paying for the xtra beer,i took the 2 gals to home by cab.i could not control myself in the cab.Fianlly i reached home with tha girls.i took them to my room.they were still drunk.jane and "ah cat" were so hot that i took pics and videos of them.i squeezed their breast and lick their pussy all night.

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