HOT NIGHT !!!!!!!!  

woodieman49 62M
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7/22/2005 9:15 am

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HOT NIGHT !!!!!!!!

Last night it was just to hot to do just about anything. I did't want to cook so abot 7 I went out out to get something to eat with a couple of friends.
As we were sitting at the table I saw a very pretty black lady walk in with another ladie. She had on a white dress, low cut in the front and then the light hit it you could see light through it. She was about 35 and as she was showen to her table you could see her hard nipples sticking out under her dress.
The table they gave her was right accross from ours.
As it turned out one of my friends knew the other lady she was with. So they started talking. We were all introduced Her name is Jan.
As it was Jan was right accross from me so when she sat down her dress movied over 1/2 way up her dark tan legs.
As our 2 tables talked we all were saying how hot it had been all day. Both the ladys agreed. I then noticed the Jan had spreed her legs and what I saw was she had no panty's on. When I looked up I saw her with a big smile looking right at me.
I was shocked but smilled back.
The way the we were sitting I was the only one that could see her under the table.
After she knew I could see her she spree her legs ever farther. That when I saw something shineing.
I got a better look and saw that she was shaved and had her pussy lip pirced with a gold ring in it.
It was already hot but this even made it hotter.
Both tables finished at the same time and we all left at the same time. As we got out side We all stood and talked some more. Just as we were leaving Jan slipped me her card and said give me a call with a big smile.

rm_socalfunnn 66M
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8/4/2005 11:14 pm

Did you ever call her

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