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1/11/2006 3:14 pm

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Surely this cannot be right. If someone comes onto the site, to share and at the same time please others, they should not be subjected to abuse and invasion of privacy.

I have cut and pasted below, her final post for all to see and read. Possibly a further invasion of her privacy, but I feel quite strongly on such matters.

I will be sorry to see a 'friend' leave the site because of @@@@@@@@

Perhaps others would like to either show their support or post a comment for abusers.

Subject: LEAVING
Date Posted: Jan 9, 2006 9:47 am
Bulletin: I'm sorry guy's but I am leaving at the end of the week. I have put up an album of all your favourite pics. Can't believe there were so many. I am leaving because I was recorded during a cam show and also because of seval different types of abuse I have had on this site. I would, however, like to thank all my good network friends for their continued support. I will miss you all. It was so hard to create this farewell album, my eyes are all runny. I really enjoyed doing al these pics for you guys but I am now aware that not everyone views them in the artistic sense. I would understand if these pics were of a pornographic nature. I always saw them as sensual and erotic. I mistakenly thought that was different. I am a decent girl and I don't have the heart to suffer all the abusive comments, in particular when I am accused of being a man. I love you all and I wish I didn't have to leave but I do. I will miss arranging these albums for you so much, you will never know. Bye guys Please take care of yourselves A broken hearted Tracy xxx

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