Another day....  

wondertwins2006 43F/38F
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5/12/2006 8:24 pm

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5/13/2006 9:36 am

Another day....

First blog entry of many, I hope. Lousy week in S-world. My dog died. My car's sick (ready to SHOOT it). And I have a HELL of a headache. Tylenol isn't doing a thing for it. Grrrrrr!!!

A little about me. I have a house in the country with a nice yard. I can work on my drive in the front yard (Damned slice...grumble) There is definately something to be desired in my sex life. Sex would be nice. With other people. On the same continent, in the same country, state and room.

.... I wonder if there's such a thing as blue tits?

thisguns4hire007 46M

5/12/2006 10:29 pm

You can cry on my shoulder honey, what was your dogs name? Maybe a nice massage would help ease your tension. As, for blue tit's?
Have you every been titty fucked? You might get in the mood after a good long massage. We'll start with your back and shoulders and work down to your rump, rub each leg up and down with both hands and finally to your toe's, then lets start back up again. After you melt, its off to the hot tub for you!!

Now its time for some hot dickencider to help you finally relax.

wondertwins2006 43F/38F
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5/13/2006 12:04 am

Oh, no, Babe. Titty fucking does nothing for me. Now anal, done right.... THERE'S another story.

poemwriter33 51M
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5/13/2006 3:54 am

Nice boobies U could ride my tool anytime dear

PStewart68 48M

5/13/2006 3:57 am

Sweetheart, please allow me to cure you're lack of sex blues. Let me bend you over and penetrate your tight dark ass hole with my thick tool. Let's dicuss this further...

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