A sexpot looks at....  

wondertwins2006 43F/38F
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7/12/2006 10:10 pm

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7/10/2007 9:08 pm

A sexpot looks at....

I told someone my age for the first time since my birthday ... said, "I'm 3_" (leaving y'all to fill it in) Somewhereinside me was my 18 yr old self shouting, "Oh my GOD, I'm OLD!!!!!!" When I was 18, men my current age were "just right". Cultured. Worldly. Brilliant. (...I know, I know, but gimmie a break. I was 1 But WOMEN?? That was OLD. Now she's inside screaming, "Sadie girl,when did you get so old???!! You used to be able to lower your chin and avert your eyes and make men MELT." (I never really tried..it just happened) At 20, I was clocked doing 95 mph in a 31 zone. Not a ticket, no warning, nothing. I'm still not sure why those officers didn't throw me under the county jail. Sigh... that was many years ago. And Before Children.

I look in the mirror... are those LINES? Around my mouth? And nose? And eyes?! And my LOrd, a grey hair. And ... it's throwing a party. And THIS twins twins used to sit up and pay attention much better than they do now. THat was also BC. The colors of my first tattoo have faded quite a bit. THat was just... oh ... 11 yrs ago. Where'd the TIME GO??!!

OK, ok, ok...it's not I haven't had fun. Three beautiful children (puffing out chest "my genes").I've seen most of the Eastern Us. Found a Guardian Demon, Energizer Bunny, Wandering Dynamo and a Son of a son of a... Postmaster. I've loved and been loved. So take that, you green, perky boobed, flawless skinned, virginal teenager. I'VE lived. I've had experiences you've never dreamed of. And I have had one hell of a time getting these grey hairs, lines and less than perfect boobs. And I hope to have a hell of a time getting more.

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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7/13/2006 6:21 am

you are still just a baby!!!! lol You had better keep on having a good time girl or your Guardian Demon will want to know why!!!!! You are still gorgeous and damned cute anyway sweetheart - always will be xxxxxxx

JusLookin4Fn99 45M

7/13/2006 11:33 am

The twins look fine too me!!!!!!

goodguysneedit2 56M

7/14/2006 8:20 pm

No man in his right mind would expect cleavage like that to defy gravity. All I can say is... you're ridin' on top and we'll let gravity make the evening perfect!

rm_sloman44 60M
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7/15/2006 11:48 am

Let's all raise a glass to "more"! Some say you can get more here:

[blog sloman44]

Wondertwins you are invited!

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rm_sinful01forU 40M
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7/20/2006 7:34 pm

Hey gurl, you keep that chin up and perty it up cuse soon those "teenagers" will be begging to have your viverouns! (checkspelling of that cuse it seems wrong)


rm_dosrev 38M
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7/24/2006 9:42 pm

In my head, I think I shall always be 17.

Twins, I live right nearby, stop by my blog and say hi!

"Enough of this palaver, lets get the show on the road!"
"The best thing about a day like that is that it can't get any worse. It was a bad day AND a Monday. The rest of the week has to be better." - Hotandsteamygirl

rm_qwerty246810 44M
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7/25/2006 1:29 pm

If you'd like to continue having a great time, then why not email someone who lives close? You look everything but old btw judging from the picture. What's not perfect about your boobies?

James_logan_iii 42M

8/17/2006 8:46 am

I feel your pain Double T. My beard, my chest, my hair, even some of the hairs on my arms are loosing the fight against the insurgent white whiskers. Nice thing is my memory is so crappy that I can't ever remember how old I am. My hands don't heal as quickly as they used to, and these ittly bitty little red dots, like micro ruptures in the smallest of my epidural capillaries keep showing up... But for all of that I still feel like a kid. I love the wonder of new a place, the solitude of my porch with the stars and the tree thats lit up by the street lamp, and the joy that comes form getting my dog all riled up. Hell, we're not even half way there yet. We're still young. Now go have some fun!

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