Being lonely in a crowd - thats what its all about.  

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11/28/2005 3:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Being lonely in a crowd - thats what its all about.

With Christmas parties already started in earnest and suffering from the slow mornings and back to back drinking and social evenings I begin to feel the empty feeling even more pronounced than normal.

Ever feel lonely in a crowd? Overwhelmed by people and seeking solitude yet that feeling that you need to be around other people all at the same time?

I sometimes reflect on my profile and on others I read and think there needs to be a mood button to allow the profile to change as you change your mood or needs. Sometimes I enjoy meeting someone new and despite enjoying their company am really just going through the "small talk" at the pub or some other place simply to work towards a 3-4 hour sexual encounter of prolonged stimulation and pure flesh and fluid based satisfaction.

Other times I just a want a close "friend with benefits"; someone I can walk along the beach with; sit in a cafe and chat with; go watch a movie or just veg on the couch watching TV. Sometimes I just want to drive up to the bush or down the coast and just cruise the country towns looking in antique shops and would love to have a smart, funny and quick whited partner sitting in the passenger seat.

Can these be the same person? Not sure. I thrive on solitude and often sit at the end of the pier reading the paper in relative peace. But other times driving along listening to the greats of the 80's and wish there was someone to share those "special" moments with. How can one person desire so two very different things? So how can one profile explain the moments of desire that fluctuate from animal sexual passion through to gentle sharing of minds, laughter and "connected" chattering.

Am I alone in these diametrically apposed desires?

Do other people feel that loneliness in a crowd of people?

Am I crazy and in need of some gentle therapy on a futon covered in chocolate sauce and chained up?


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