Voting For H-E-Double L  

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10/30/2005 11:06 am

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Voting For H-E-Double L

Sunday is my catch-up-on-my-serious-reading day. Stuff like news, work-related stuff, and, if applicable, ballot measures that must be voted on in upcoming elections. In the course of doing some online research on the special election taking place in our fair State this Nov. 8th, I ran across this interesting little tidbit in the muddy backwaters of the Internet.

Some hilarious quotes
“Anyone who knowingly or through indifference votes irresponsibly is not a practicing believer. Only practicing believers are admitted into Heaven.”

“To vote for automatically excommunicated Catholics or for members of Secret Societies and Others that are Highly Offensive to God is Condemnatory.”

“A grave offense against God is committed when someone votes for anyone who is pro-abortion or pro-choice from the instance of conception. A candidate who is not morally for innocent life should not be expected to be just in civil affairs. One who votes favorably for such a candidate is guilty as an accomplice in murder against the Commandments of God.”

The funniest quote
“How one votes can mean the difference between going to Heaven or to Hell. Those who are not careful about who they vote for rate as being offensive to God. Those who vote for any of the following and fail to sincerely repent before death ‒an event that can take place at any stage of life‒ should expect to spend eternity suffering in Hell#x201D;

I didn’t include the “following” in the quote above as y’all can go to the WebCultSite™ at wwwdottroschdotorg, click on the Voting and Hell button to the left and read it yourselves.

This is the first time I’ve ever read how I vote weighs in the decision as to whether I make it to the Big House in the Sky or the Fiery Pit Below. I mean, I know I'd go see Lu (if I was a Believer) for drinking too many shots of tequila, smoking that special cigarette that one time, eating too much at every Thanksgiving I’ve attended at my sister’s house (gluttony is a sin you know), fornicating, looking at pornography and my fucking swearing habit, but I didn’t know I’d go to The Pit of Despair for voting "wrong". I thought the Constitution’s 19th Amendment (for you males, it’s the 14th & 15th) gave me the right to vote and the rest of it guarantees no one interferes my vote? Now The Almighty™ is moving in on how I vote? Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, is nothing sacred anymore?

So, does this mean that the idiotic Californians who voted to put Da Terminator in the Governor’s House are all going to Hell™?

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