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12/8/2005 3:57 pm

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The Daily Grind (Bump & Grind)

I don’t know about you, but there are aspects of my job that can be pretty mundane. Boring, even. During these humdrum tasks, my mind tends to wander. While reading a contract presented to us by a software company, I found myself escaping…

“ABC company employs the 123 Methodology in deploying our SuperDuperOverPriced Software products. This Methodology includes six phases of implementation.” (Are you kidding me? Can’t we just skip to the part where you bend me over and fuck me in the ass while milking my company for every cent? Why do we have to prolong the pain? And I see you don’t even provide lubrication for this ass-fucking, you bastards). “Prepare is the first phase (I’ll bet it is, you have to get your cock hard, I understand) and the focus of the phase is to establish a solid (yes, see, I told you so) infrastructure (wow, I’ve never heard it called that before) to allow the subsequent project work to proceed in an uninterrupted fashion. (Yes, I get it; don’t want any interruptions during the ass-fucking.) “Critical to this phase is hardware installation (okay, but you’ll have to ease it in gently, please) and completion of any other projects that could impede project team readiness.” (Yeah, I can see that having your cock in more than one ass would impede your readiness)

“Deliver phase (oh boy I can hardly wait) includes inserting software into hardware (mmmmmm, actually that sounds delicious, I think I’m getting turned on), running final system readiness (oh I’m ready big boy) and assuring work flows to end user.” (Okay, stop teasing me because I’m wet now. Gimme that work flow, baby) “A period of post-live support (yes, you will need to hold me up because my knees will be weak) to ensure the system is performing in an optimal environment (yes, bending me over the desk is a very optimal environment) will conclude the Deliver phase and transition to the Executive Status Review meetings. (Orgies? Wow, you offer orgies? Fuckin’ A!)

Shakes head and looks around in a daze…um, uh, yes, that contract sounds fine.

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