But What About Getting Laid?  

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10/29/2005 8:49 pm

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But What About Getting Laid?

There was an interesting piece of research performed by Buss, et al (1990). One of the hypotheses was that females have an evolved psychological mechanism for picking mates that have resources. This study was supposed to provide evidence for that hypothesis. The results of Buss’ study, simply put, said that females were only after males (as mates) who could provide a good living and males were only after young piece of ass when looking for a mate. It was a broad study of 37 cultures; however it had several flaws, which I won’t go into here. That’s another blog.

The really interesting study was the one rebutting Buss’ findings by Kasser and Sharma (1999). After Kasser and Sharma reanalyzed Buss’ data, they found that this preference for resource-acquisition characteristics in males was only expressed by females in cultures that limited the females’ access to education and limited her reproductive freedom.

So, to those gentlemen out there who complain about a woman who only looks for a man who can provide her with a good living ‒ don’t limit her education, don’t overturn Roe v. Wade or limit a her access to contraception. Yes, (for those of you who are shocked that some still want to limit a woman’s reproductive freedom) there are still people out there who believe that a woman shouldn’t have control of her own uterus.

Seriously, don’t you think that is the weirdest damn thing ‒ legislating a body part? Why don’t we legislate testicles? Or a penis? Although I’ve seen a few penises here on AdultFriendFinder that should be outlawed.

Finally, to finish my little rant-o’today on sexual strategies in human systems, in my twisted humorous way, I think evolution has provided the funniest damn joke on patriarchal social systems better than any human could ever think of. Everyone should know the human sexual chromosomes, X and Y. What some do not know is that the Y chromosome carries very little genetic material on itself, mostly it is just a gender determinate. So, genetically speaking, a son has more of his mother’s traits than his father’s because he received his X chromosome from his mother. So all these past thousands of years that have revered patriarchal systems of inheritance from father to son, it was really more of the mother’s genetic line that was getting the goods than the father’s. Yeah. Up yours.

Bottom line - what the fuck does all this scientific data have to do with whether I get laid or not?

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