Airline Caters to Royals  

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12/28/2005 12:30 am

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Airline Caters to Royals

Did you know that American Airlines™ will give you a title simply by signing up for their AAdvantage™ program? I am not kidding! Go check it out yourself if you don’t believe me. You can fill out their little online enrollment form and in the drop-down menu for prefix; it has a whole list of titles to choose from. I am thrilled beyond belief with this information. Finally, I can get mail addressed to me with a title.

I thought about Baroness but that’s too lowly. Baronesses are a dime a dozen these days. And how good would that sound in bed? Yo, Baroness, after yews finishes wit blowzin my man-stick, yews can get me a cig.

I could be a Brigadier General. That certainly fits aspects of my personality. ”I said lay down and put a helmet on that soldier!” smack, smack

There’s always Princess, but that sounds too little girlish. I’m getting too old to play Daddy’s Little Princess fantasy. And don’t you dare say “eeewww” ~ you know you men like that shit.

For the really kinky in me, there was His Eminence. Of course, I’d have to change it to Her Eminence. Would Her Eminence like one cock or two for this threesome?

Ooooh, there was HRM. Her Royal Majesty. I get a little wet just at the thought. I could make pronouncements in the Royal First Person. ”We are cumming now. Oh yesssss we are.”

I finally settled on Duchess Woman O'Irish. High enough in rank but not in the solo spotlight like HRM. I need to be the power behind the throne. That’s so fucking hot. Especially when the King is going down on you behind the throne. AND I still get to wear a tiara!

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