The start!  

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8/19/2006 11:24 am
The start!

This is Mindas of Wolves_n_kitties. Im the male half, for those who are curious. We just recently started the account here and so far we have already gotten two "bites"! This makes me happy! We just loaded up some pictures so hopefully that will get some more too. Im really hoping that this site gives us a chance to meet some new people. Some OPEN MINDED people. Sex aside for a moment, it would be nice to have people to occasionally hang out with, go out with, and the like. Obviously we are here because we are also looking to have some of THAT kind of fun also... We are both young, sexy, and voracious! So why not?

We each have our own livejournals so we likely wont update here much unless its something to do with our account here. Still, Im sure that when we DO make updates... they will be hot! ^_^

(Mindas and Em)
*grrrr* *meow!*

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