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What you about to read is one of my earlyer poems. As any poem I post anywhere on the web. This poem has been copy writed under my real name and is not to be used in anyway without my consent.

I feel as if I want to tell you just how I feel, To say I love you but, I'm
not sure if it's real. My feelings are so mixed up but, I can't deny that when
I'm near you I'm Happy inside. I dream and wish every night that I could kiss
your lips and hold you in my arms, To be your and feel your love. As I give
you my heart and all of my charm. I feel as if for you I'd sleep out in the
rain, I give up everything I have just to be with you. My heart, my soul, my
life.. I swear it's true that I feel I want to be with you. I'm scared to say
things to you for you mean so much to me that I'm so afraid of losing
you. Although your only a friend to me I wish for more but, I can't set my
soul free. For if we tried and things didn't workout...I don't know if I
could leave or even if you would want me to and if things did work out or if
we even tried; If I could be so blind to see. That it be something serious and
I don't know if I could handle it. I'm Afraid to love you because I know that
if something should happen I might have to let you go. I can't handle being
serious but, I love to try. For you if I had to for you I would, for you I'd
even die. This is the way I feel deep down inside and as I write I try not to
cry; For I'm lonely and I truly wish that we could be but, without your help
as I said I can't set myself or my soul free!!!!!!!!

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