Killer Soccer (futbol) and Powerful Women  

wobejaz 53M
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7/14/2006 6:44 am
Killer Soccer (futbol) and Powerful Women

Our son played one killer soccer game last night. His whole team was on and coordinated, damn good for a bunch of eight year olds.

Plus lust came in ther somewhere and I got to watch the juicy, smiling referee. Normally, I'm really not interested in teens, or even in women much younger than myself. I've always been attracted to women my age or older.

It has to do with sophistication, power, mentorship, balance...I don't want to be the boss or mentor. I don't want the power. It's all about the delicate balance and warmth from a feeling of fitness. It just feels better when we're both working at the same level and working together.

My wife and I were talking, probably about a month ago, about this open marriage idea and she mentioned that I wouldn't find just any woman. It would have to be a powerful, important woman, because that is my taste and that woman wouldn't settle for an alternate role. She would want to be the only one. She stressed that she knew women and I didn't.

Well, who knows? It takes all kinds and they're are all kinds in this community.

Do they make brain floss yet?

oralgft29 38F

5/31/2008 7:41 am

LOL!!!!!! Brain Floss. now you could market tshirts on that one. or a bumper sticker? although in the mile high city if you took time to read it they would run your ass over. *smirk* she's okay with you fucking others? why? why doesn't she find it hard to share you? does she just not like sex? dit moi.........s'il vous plait.

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