Bright Summer Evening  

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7/15/2006 7:58 am

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Bright Summer Evening

It ended like a Maxfield Parish painting (except for the scantily clad, nubile women). The sky was bright and it was dark in our friends' backyard.

I felt the hunger drinking wine with three attractive women, whoa, all very nice, luscious, fun to converse with. It was a fantastic evening. We talked of politics only - no sex. There were kids about and were not so close to this group.

That hormone driven hunger comes on like a storm, the mind-body driver of evolution in action, the reproductive urge. I'm even fixed and it's as strong as ever. It's the last remnant of the teenager's mind.

It seems ironic that my spouse can blame away a monthly week or two of irritability with hormones, but finds it strange when I mention hormones and the hunger. We are all chained by biology, by the neurology of our bodies.

To me there's a very fine line between friends and lovers. When I spend time with friends, when we gat along better all the time, when we have drinks, when we find out we see things alike and grow together over time, grow up together, well, damn, it seems like it would be fun to sleep with them.

Then the command and control culture steps in to say it's a sin and keep all that fun channeled into productive work for the church and state.

Cheers and keep up the good work on building a real civilization.

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