the hall of shame  

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8/17/2005 9:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the hall of shame

Well I got a lovely message from p_no_spamaimee telling me that she had read my profile and that it was all OK for her!!! So far so good I hear you say!!!

And what a surprise, I got exactly the same sort of reply from Phoneslut-bxx2 (complete with bonus >s from the freshly copied and pasted email!!) who appeared to be Asian "in town for a few weeks and into some discreet meets" and then suddenly was a white girl from Texas who wanted me to ring a premium rate number and leave her a message. Woohoo!! She gave me her number - I rule.

The lovely p_no_spamaimee has got exactly the same photo as hungryforyoursex, and she's from India - this girl does get around.

It's a small world indeed, because chetucha_z has the same photo as Phoneslut-bxx2 but at least she's back to being Asian now. Poor her, her English is not so good you see.

Some would dare suggest that sugar69baby2 is actually a prostitute looking for business, the cheek of them.

And I dismiss as ludicrous the claims of some people that suggest seffiehopes is just trying to get people to join a pay site!!! Well, I suppose it's not so bad, I mean, she will give you her "special, private email address" if you join and you only have to give your credit card number for verification purposes, honest!!!

Does anyone fall for this stuff? Please say no.

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