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10/26/2005 12:08 pm

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be sexy - but be honest...

Had a liaison with a woman (not a member but met through a member) last week.

We'd been emailing for a couple of weeks and sparks were flying pretty well so we decided to meet. It's about a two-hour drive from my house to hers, but that's neither here nor there. I'd drive a couple hours for that emotional and sexual click just about anytime

Anyway, as I mentioned we'd corresponded for a couple weeks, exchanged pictures and generally heated things up in email until it got to the point where both of us wanted to meet. She knew I was bi-curious and wasn't really interested but knew about a few other kinks. We'd talked about oral fixations, spanking, anal (a no-no for her but that's no biggie) and a host of other things.

Anyway, I take a day off work last Friday and drive up to meet her. We make small talk, she introduces me to her dog and a couple of her cats (she has five of them) and after about half an hour we decide to heat things up and start playing on the couch.

After another half an hour of that we decide to head up to the bedroom. Sally (not her real name) is pretty responsive and since I think a good handjob is underrated I bring her off by hand once and then once doing oral on her. Then - she asks if it's okay if she turns over so her back is to me. Hey - she can turn any way she wants as far as I'm concerned

She'd mentioned she liked her neck rubbed so I start massaging her back and neck and she starts making happy noises. Still facing away from me, she reaches behind her, grabs me and starts a halfhearted handjob. She couldn't even be bothered to face in my direction, prop herself up on one arms or anything - she's just doing this mechanical thing with her back to me.

After awhile she turns toward me and laying on her back, continues the halfhearted masturbation attempt. The thing that gets me about this whole thing is that it's completely mechanical - there's no real passion (or much interest) going on here - so eventually I stop her and touch her until she has her third climax of the session. Like I said, handjobs are severely underrated

Anyway, about this time I figure I've got just about all I'm gonna get so I stop and slip on a condom - she rolls over onto all fours and we go at it. Finally, I got my first (and only) climax of the day and she asks me if I feel better now.


No, I don't really feel better. I'd really like for you to try some of the things you hinted at in email for the last couple of weeks (but of course I didn't say this). Instead I suggested we go to breakfast.

After breakfast, I dropped her off at home, kissed her goodbye and went back to email as usual for a couple of days - at least until Monday, when I got this:

"So what did you think of Friday? Is it something you'd be interested in doing with me again or are you looking for something else? I guess I ask because since Fridays our emails are... well... for lack of a better phrase. Polite friendship."

My response:

"Sexually I think we're a little less than compatible, Sally - there's no blame to be laid anywhere. I think we're looking for different things and I really did have a grand time on Friday. I think in the longer term a lot of what I'm looking for would make you *really* uncomfortable and I think that people need to operate kind of in their comfort zone - and our comfort zones didn't appear to overlap as well as I thought they might have.

But - as I said there's no blame to be laid. Nobody did anything wrong, and I'm grateful for the oppportunity to get to know you on a heck of a lot more intimate level.

I think friends is where I'd really like to be. You're smart, funny, and one of the most honest people I've run across in quite awhile. For me, that's more than enough. Not everybody is gonna click sexually, and there's nothing wrong with that. I liked Sally the person long before we got horizontal, and that's the part of this friendship I'd like to nurture, I think.

Polite friendship? I think sometimes we can be less than polite if we want to - and your friendship is important to me.

hugs -

-- wiz"

I guess I hurt her feelings since she hasn't responded to this email or initiated any contact for two days. I'd never bash someone from this board by using real names or handles, but was a little frustrated that what was advertised and what was delivered were two completely different things.

I tried my best to be honest and kind - and I think was reasonably successful. Too bad it didn't work out the way I'd hoped it would.

klauskissnhug 57M

11/14/2005 3:14 pm

I continue to be impressed with you. I would be proud to send that email. I am reminded of a time when, on our first meeting my date announced she was going to be selfish. I pleasured her until she could not take any more (no intercourse) and she didn't even do half-hearted reciprocation of any sort. I was glad. Rather nothing than bullshit obligation. It was kind of cool, since she had announced she was going to be queen bee for an evening. I was curious how our second time together was going to go. She did "make up for it," though I never got a full evening as king.

pet_humility 48F

1/11/2006 5:36 am

Well its refreshing to see that at least you wanted to remain friends. You know what you want and don't settle for any less.
Yes people do have to click sexually or you are no better then the married couples that cheat on each other.
After all, the main point of this site is to get some sexual satisfaction the way you want. Well at least thats what my goal is.
Wizard your a great person and care alot about a womans feelings when your with them. No in and out quicky for
I think you deserve to be satisfied also!

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