Why do I attract the sexually disfunctional???  

witty1960 56F
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3/24/2006 1:38 pm

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4/3/2006 1:24 pm

Why do I attract the sexually disfunctional???

I have always seemed to be cursed by attracting the sexually disfunctional. I must have the highest percentage of dates with men who can't get an erection, or keep an erection. I think sometimes I should have been a sex therapist so I could have gotten paid for having bad sex lol. Like a hooker, only with more prestige and money. (and for all the therapists out there, it was a joke, I know it doesn't work that way)

My question is, how should a woman deal with impotency? It's just as uncomfortable and embarrassing for us as for you, so how do we get past it? I wonder sometimes if men think they're going to find some magic woman who is going to fix them. I'm not trying to discount their embarrassment, but I can't understand why a man would attempt sex with virtual strangers if they have an impotency problem. Should we treat it like no big deal, when we both know it is??

Maybe there are men out there with this problem who are cool about talking about it. Or cool about trying again or finding some other way to compensate for their inability. But the ones I've met usually are just embarrassed and I never hear from them again. Women are lucky in one respect, while like men our bodies don't always cooperate with orgasm's, our equipment is always functional.

I wouldn't be suprised by people who assume I'm the problem, that these men aren't attracted once they're with me. And they might have a point, but there's a difference between a man who isnt attracted and one who can't acheive an erection.

So give me some feedback.

OlHornDog3 68M
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3/25/2006 10:16 am

Though I am 57 and have smoked for 2/3 of my life this has not been a problem for myself. However, it's likely that if I were to have more than a couple drinks and/or not getting enough rest or sleep it could be. We've never met, but your bio pic is a turn on as are your writings. I wouldn't mind becoming your friend with benefits. With only a standard membership it can be difficult to make a connection. The local chats are usually empty, the regional chats seldom have local members. I can understand your frustration with your recent encounters. To a man it might resemble a woman falling asleep during sex, not that I have experienced this. Keep up your writing, you have an interested reader here.

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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3/25/2006 10:38 am

hello Witty,
I have read this three times over trying to think of an answer to your blog. And along with an answer, I do have questions as well. I think that part of what you were saying based on why do men that have this problem attempt sex with a virtual stranger??? Well, maybe communication is not happening the way it should be in the beginning, Just my thought there. And men if they have this problem should be upfront about it. and seek help.
I also think that our minds are the biggest sex organ of all, and its there desire is born and continuation of stimulating that keep all of us in lust, both men and women. you have a good day

luvyurthighs 52M

4/3/2006 10:55 am

Hello witty

I have no idea why men even have a impotency problem--there I cursed myself LOL---but maybe if they talked about with their mate stranger or not the thought in their minds of poor performance may be averted, don't know. As Dandy says I believe our minds are in control of our raging hard-ons as much as your beautiful pussy, lips and hands are, so maybe they have become numd to fantasizing while they are performing with a mate? Just my thoughts......I would love to chat with you off site if you're interested. Love to see more pics ;^P


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