I had a dream that you slipped into my bed while I was sleeping.  

witty1960 56F
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3/3/2006 10:09 pm

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4/5/2006 7:05 am

I had a dream that you slipped into my bed while I was sleeping.

The warmth of my sleeping body envelopes you as you curl around my back. I begin to wake to your touch, my ass pushing back against your thickening cock, urging you to harden. Your hands reach around me to cup my breasts and I arch backward to thrust my hardening nipples against your palms while still rubbing your cock along the crack of my ass. My hands reach back to pull your lips against the back of my neck and shoulders and I moan with the pleasure of your touch.

You begin to move down my body, lips and tounge caressing my back and hips as your hands roam my thighs. I reach back to urge you towards my already wet pussy, turning my body and spreading my legs to let you in. Kissing the inside of my thighs you tease me as I moan and press your head against me. Pushing my legs farther apart you rim the lips of my pussy with your tongue as i finally beg you to touch my clit. You pull my pussy apart as your tongue finally strokes my clit, and i shudder as your fingers open me up farther. The texture of your rough tongue against my clit is incredible and as I feel your finger stroke into my pussy, it's impossible to not gasp with the sensation. Working two fingers into my pussy, you suck my clit and just as I don't think I can take anymore, I feel you slip a finger into my ass. The sensation of fingers in my ass and pussy sends me off the edge and I cum for what seems like forever as you're tongue urges me on.

I'm still shaking, your fingers still stroking me as you begin to lick up my body, moving until your cock sinks into my now soaking pussy. I can taste myself on your tongue and begin to move against you, my hands cupping your ass to pull you deeper. We rock together, our tounges teasing, tracing, sucking at each other. You roll over pulling me on top of you, letting me control the stroking of your cock, first slow, long strokes, raising up just to the tip of you, and then sinking down to the hilt. Keeping you deep inside me while i rock back and forth, rubbing my clit against you. As you thrust up against me I begin to cum again and collapse against you as you plunge your cock hard in and out of me.

As my orgasm subsides I realize you're still hard inside me and as I catch your earlobe in my teeth i raise up and release your cock. Moving down your body, using my tongue and hands to stroke down the length of you, I run your still rock hard cock between my breasts and push them together to envelop it. I tease the tip of your cock with my tongue as it moves up between my tits, making you moan and wrap your fingers in my hair. Moving down I run my tongue along the length of your cock, and then back up to the tip to trace the edge of the knob. I cup your balls and finger the root of you behind them as I sink my mouth around your throbbing cock. My mouth moves up and down on your cock, my tongue teasing the length and I can feel your cock swelling to the point of bursting.

You pull me up and turning me over, you lift my hips and sink deep inside me, your cock drilling into my wet pussy. I can feel every inch of you, thrusting into me, deeper and deeper until with one final stroke I feel you twitch and cum deep inside me. We collapse together my pussy still wrapped around your cock, your mouth again at the back of my neck, both of us breathing hard.

What a dream.... or was it????

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3/8/2006 3:48 pm

Dream or not does it mater if you enjoyed it. For your sake I hope it wasn't. Nice post either way.

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3/9/2006 3:50 pm

Thanks for looking at me. Was it because I replied? Or just because either way SWEET DREAMS or DREAM for more SWEETS.

rm_blondelovr 32M

3/14/2006 6:27 pm

Very sexy post. Too bad about the age thing. Oh well.

Samson453 57M
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3/14/2006 9:26 pm

I loved your comments, made me not just interested, but really hard from the thoughts. I am new to this process so I am not sure if you will get this comment. Anyway I thought I would at least try.......

epoto 68M
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3/15/2006 1:03 pm

If you perform in bed as well as you type, you're the woman for me!

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