A second meeting.  

witty1960 56F
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8/17/2006 10:33 am
A second meeting.

I'm meeting with the first AdultFriendFinder friend I fucked after being celibate for 7 years. To be honest, it wouldn't have taken much at that point to send me into ecstacy lol. We met a few times and talked some, but it was obvious he was married and pretending he wasn't. For those of you out there, probably women as well as men, don't pretend you're not married. Any adult with any intelligence can figure it out easily, we're not idiots, at least not at my age.

Anyways, god i hate it when people say that, it's a sure sign by the time they're done you won't have a clue what story they're trying to tell you lol. He was cheating and wanted a nastier relationship than I did, he wanted someone he could treat and even call a slut during sex, wanted to go to a hooker hotel, you get the idea. Now I don't have a problem being a slut during sex, but being called one in the manner you might say to a real hooker, is not ok, well maybe if you're into role playing and your partner is in on the game. But if you call me a slut during sex, it better be lovingly lol, such as you beautiful slut. But this was degrading and as I had just started having sex again after such a long drought, it really turned me off.

He contacted me when he found out I was moving to his city. Now I don't hold a grudge, part of the mistake and inexperience to be frank, was my fault. So I'm meeting him tonight to get reaquainted. I was honest about what I'm looking for and that I thought he wanted a different kind of relationship. He says he's not married now, and all signs point to that being true. I know some people think it's silly not to fuck whoever you want, married or not, but I don't live that way. Now if you're married and you're wife wants to meet me to say its ok with her, that's different lol. I don't like sneaking around or feeling like I'm stealing.

So will I get fucked tonight? I'm actually a different person sexually than the newbie I was 1 1/2 yrs ago.

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