Why My Blog Is Only Set For My Network Friends  

wistfuljester 64M
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6/16/2006 12:15 am

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Why My Blog Is Only Set For My Network Friends

Because I couldn't care less what complete strangers think of me.

Because at least 25% of the strangers that have posted here have been too ignorant to read and understand what I really said, before posting their "fuck you" replies.

Because this is my blog, not a public forum.

Because I don't care about being "popular", or seeing how many responses I can get.

I'll tell you what's really funny about this. The people who are criticizing me for having limited my blog responses are the same ones who ruthlessly delete and ban people who disagree with or insult them. Nevermind that they themselves are going around in other people's blogs writing all sorts of rude and abusive things.

A person's blog is not a license to go in and post hateful comments and insults just because you disagree with him or her. A F F has its stupid "Magazine" for that...lol.

Granted, I could just do the delete and ban thing myself, but quite frankly I haven't the desire to waste my time. There are just too many phucktards of both sexes who see their mission on this site as deciding what everyone should say or believe--even in their own private blogs.

I have never had a quarrel with those who disagreed with my opinions, as long as what they posted was INTELLIGENT and RESPECTFUL. The intelligent part means actually taking the time to read and comprehend the entire post before you respond to it. Respectful means feeling free to disagree vigorously instead of just reaching for an ignorant bag of insults.

The thing is, my friends understand this. When I have posted things that were outrageously out of line, they have pointed the fact out to me without just simply bashing me. The result? I have almost always agreed with them, and apologized.

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