Treating Women as Things Instead of People  

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6/24/2006 3:19 pm

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Treating Women as Things Instead of People

I'm almost 54 years old, and I still don't understand guys who think like that.

The only time I've ever treated women with any disrespect is when they were acting like jerks--even then, I still saw them as human beings (even when they denied me the same courtesy).

Most--not all--women are just plain good people.

I get sick every time I read some stupid fuck's fantasy about women, choking them with his cock or referring to them as nothing more than a pussy.

The sad thing is, there are some women on this site and elsewhere who, having taken up the jock's swaggering and callousness, are waving them as badges of pride. It breaks my heart to see some women becoming just as shallow and hateful as those immature men.

Overall, women are the best half of the human species. They are kind, loving, strong, hard-working, intelligent and tough. Up until a few years ago, I subscribed to the belief that if they ran the world, there would be far less violence.

Anymore, I'm not so sure; too many of them have become just like the power-mad men who govern this world.

Still, I choose to celebrate women, in all there shapes and sizes, in all their occupations and avocations. Most of them are still the better half of our species.

Try treating them with respect, guys; in so doing, you may learn more self-respect.

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