Men, How Big Is Your Penis?  

wistfuljester 64M
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7/31/2006 1:01 am

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8/1/2006 9:05 pm

Men, How Big Is Your Penis?

I'm only posting this for shits and giggles, guys, because I got to thinking about how often some men post little "worry questions" about penis size almost on a daily basis on this site.

After all, everybody knows that "the angle of the dangle equals the heat of the meat"...right?

OK, OK, I admit it: I'm bored! LOL
I made a horse cry when he saw mine.
I use extra-large condoms--oops, they've expired!
I'm long and I'm strong, and I'm down to get the friction on.
Long but skinny--I have to rotate my hips a lot.
Is average a good answer? (Anybody know what IS average?)
It gets the job done...I think.
It's getting smaller from lack of use (help!)
It's a good thing I'm skilled at cunnilingus...
Hey! Where'd it go? Ohhh...THERE it is...
Penis? What penis?

secret_eyespy 54M
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7/31/2006 5:38 pm

I am afraid of NO condom. (beats fists against chest)

wistfuljester replies on 7/31/2006 5:55 pm:

Well, at least one guy had the courage to respond to this joke poll.

sexymamma662003 31F

7/31/2006 9:16 pm

ohhhh that is too funny, unfortunatly i cant answer any of those since i do not have a penis. very funny though


wistfuljester replies on 8/1/2006 9:06 pm:
Thanks! I actually made this up all by myself.

Not bad for a Senile, Horny Old Man, eh?


secret_eyespy 54M
488 posts
8/1/2006 3:12 pm

Sexy, could you help me gauge the size of MY penis? I'm afraid if I whipped it out in front of you that you'd probably start laughing uncontrollably!!

Even at that, with you seeing it it would probably be twice it's normal size.

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