Long Lips and Big Clits!  

wistfuljester 64M
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8/29/2006 11:43 pm

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9/2/2006 7:10 pm

Long Lips and Big Clits!

I love pussy--nature's greatest work of art, in my opinion.

I think they all look wonderful, but I must confess to having a special fondness for larger inner pussy lips and bigger, succulent clits.

(Pardon me--I have to adjust my underwear)

I mean, ladies, when you have labia that protrude so invitingly, that spread open like butterfy wings, and a fat, suckable clit that just won't quit--I am all eyes (and lips and tongue)!

Gawd, how I love to play with them, to lick and suck on them, to bury my face in them!

QueenofBitches69 46F

8/30/2006 12:08 am

So, UUMMMMMMMM yeah, ok.

wistfuljester replies on 8/30/2006 12:35 am:
I think you know just what inspired this post!

I keep saying to myself: "drooling is unattractive, drooling is unattractive..." LOL.

QueenofBitches69 46F

8/30/2006 12:40 am

Well now I do, you joined my network! You dirty dirty man!

wistfuljester replies on 8/30/2006 12:49 am:
So, punish me; make me your slave; use me!

(Damn, girl, that's one of the most gorgeous pussies I've ever seen, and I'd be willing to grovel for the chance to kiss, lick, nibble, suck, kiss, nibble, suck, lick...)

QueenofBitches69 46F

8/30/2006 11:10 am

Ok you have now made me blush!

wistfuljester replies on 8/30/2006 9:01 pm:
Really? I didn't think one could make you blush!

Still, you deserve the compliments.

michaelspace1969 47M

8/30/2006 3:10 pm

I'm with you brother nothing is hotter then camel toe on a hot lady.

wistfuljester replies on 8/30/2006 9:01 pm:
Cameltoe is cool, too, but I'm talking about the bare pussy...lol.

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