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2/17/2006 6:11 pm

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3/21/2006 7:59 pm


Oh, stop--you're killing!

How they fuss, fight, and insult each other!

You know what the funniest thing is? The ones CAUSING the drama are the ones who claim to not LIKE drama, ESPECIALLY all the anal moderators with their silly little rules--yeah, right...hahahaha!

If someone comes into one of my groups and tries to start things, I just quietly delete their posts and ban them from membership. End of story, end of drama.

But those drama queens post insults and complaints, name the ones they find "offensive" and just basically have a GRAND old time being dramatic about the "drama" they loudly claim to hate.

It is SO much fun reading all of their "pissing contest" threads, but I must confess I am very glad none of those idiots want to be in MY groups. In fact, if any of them ever tried to join my groups, I would just quietly ban them without saying a word...

Shelly_Marie 44F

2/26/2006 5:24 pm

lmao...youre right about deleting the threads thing, if that were done then it gets rid of the problem...period. and they would know that if they reply to it it is only going to get deleted and thus no more problem. I wouldnt post warnings and such, cause that only causes a stir it seems. just email them privately and tell them they are banned, done.

btw...whats a 'pissing contest'??? where people are arguing back and forth??

wistfuljester 64M

2/26/2006 9:51 pm

Shelly...I don't even send them emails, unless they have proven to be good members of the group. Then, I will try to cool things off for everyone via emails. If that doesn't work, I just quietly ban them, and the group never knows anything about it.

Like I said, the ones who feed on the drama while loudly claiming to hate it are the ones who respond, counterattack and name names. I know you've seen that in groups where we've both been members.

A "pissing contest" is so-named because of how silly it is, since both parties are getting pissed on at the same time. A rather apt slang expression for a foolish or pointless

Shelly_Marie 44F

3/2/2006 8:28 pm

oh yes, i been in a pissing contest before, but i can tell you one thing..I was the one to just stop because I realized it was ending just stupid and all. wouldnt have left it up to the others to stop it, it would still be going on and on. lol.

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3/12/2006 6:59 pm

Jester, are you talking about the ultimate "Drama Queen" of all time. Since you left YWFOM the group has become just plain boring. How many of those "OMG where's little bo peep, or OMG he's a drama queen, or even OMG boo boo boo do we have to listen too?

Why on earth they allow someone such as this to become moderator I'll never understand. As you know this person accuses everyone she doesn't like of having phony profiles. But why does she flaunt the many profiles she has and gets away with it? She has two that are visible with her picture and name. After doing a handwriting analyses I've discovered three more false profiles that she uses.

The ultimate in drama sympathy came a week ago when she claimed she was going into the hospital for a serious operation. Then the next day she said it was a mistake. It turned out to be a slight pull. Such drama, this woman needs medical help and quick! This woman is constantly looking for sympathy and does not like when anyone earns more notoriety than her!

If you check my profile you will see that I'm a handwriting analyst/forensics specialist. Thank you for your time. I've just located to a new position in Stockton and will certainly join your group if you think I'm worthy.


Shelly_Marie 44F

3/12/2006 9:49 pm

rofl @little bo peep....

I would bet youre right, donna...and alot of people do that too...I am now trying to figure out the other profiles...I was in that group too.

wistfuljester 64M

3/13/2006 12:17 am

Well, as usual, ladies, I'm! I really don't pay that much attention, although I do check out other groups just to see if "something evil this way comes". I like to be aware, when people join my group, of where they've been and if they've had any running battles with anyone...hahaha!

Donna, we'd be happy to have you as member, so long as nobody talks about any other groups or their members in my group. That will get the old "ignore, delete and ban" just about faster than anything.

Shelly, you know you're always welcome, too!



Shelly_Marie 44F

3/21/2006 8:06 am

still rolling on the floor laughing@ 'omg where's little bo peep'

Shelly_Marie 44F

3/21/2006 6:57 pm

btw, I rejoined her group and she kicked me out for no good reason.

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