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10/27/2005 2:33 pm

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We sat smoking at a table by thr river
And then suddenly in the silence someone said,
"Look at the sunlight on the apple tree there shiver;I shall remember that long after I am dead."
Together we turned to see how the tree shook,
And we thought that hour, that light and our mutual look
Might warm us each someday when we are cold.

And I thought of your face that sweeps over me like light,
Like the Sun on the apple making a lovely show,
So one seeing it marveled the other night,
Turned to me saying, "What is it in your heart? You glow."---
Not guessing that on my face he saw the singular reflection of your grace like fire on snow---
And loved you there.

funroe22 54M

10/28/2005 6:43 am

vivid !

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