Opportunities for experience  

winnipegstudly 51M
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5/8/2005 7:44 pm

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11/12/2006 9:07 pm

Opportunities for experience

I am happy to say I have made peace with my friend. They have recognized I am sorry for what I did and said, but more important to me, understood better than I. Thank you for pointing out my errors. I was so afraid I had damaged a friendship; what was said back was you (meaning me)assume real friendships are so fragile that one or two misplaced words would damage it?? I undered valued the frienship which was almost as bad as the initial point. Thanks again

This brings me to the subject on my mind today. I sometimes find this website very frustrating. Obviously, it will and cannot instantly deliver what is tries to promise...lots of undencumbered sex with multiple people with no price to pay. Guys, if it sounds too good, it is too good...caveat emptor. That is why I have never paid for a membership, it just not happen that way.

What I have found, is lots of opportunties for experience and friendship. Actually, a lot more friendship and a lot less 'group sex' as the title implies. I have met some wonderful people, and have made one particularly wonderful friend. What I see here is an opportunty to find the 'wild' side if your patient, no expectations and if you start out as friends...and no more... you have not lost, but will have always have gained.

Yes, I would love to have the MMF, of the FMF experience (the one thing on my list to do before I die) but I have learned, as all other should...you MAKE your opportunity...or YOU lose it. One can't sit back and wait for life to come to you. You make it happen.

Opportunty also means keeping perspective...my lesson learned with my friend above this week. I have regained it, and so I hope have opportunity for experience...life is good again

The picture is a figure model, about 8 inches high. My desire is to make that real..but I always have my dreams.

rm_bella_ 47F
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5/11/2005 7:15 pm

I am glad you are on good terms with your friend again. This site i think really is all it says it is although it depends many times with who you connect with. I think there are many who enjoy to go slow just as they do in life and others that are ready to go...nothing wrong with either, we are all just a little different.

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