Not feeling sexy today  

winnipegstudly 51M
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4/25/2005 6:08 pm

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11/12/2006 9:11 pm

Not feeling sexy today

Well, can a guy feel sexy...??

Its a loaded question and the answer is yes. Does he project it properly? Most of the!!

Today, being a Monday, I put on my normal shirt and tie, and decided today was the the jean pant time...I kinda like that style..sorta management wanting to get dirty and help out..but still the boss (I work in shop floor time is a must for me) Didn't feel sexy at all, although my jeans felt tight (yah..I have missed the gym too much and too many donuts and bagels with cream cheese) so I thought..well..dress down..get to work kinda day.

Well, I guess I looked better than I a few glances from some of the ladies at lunch time. (Yes, ladies..I know you try hard not to get caught looking...hehehe but..) and had good friend of mine say I was looking fine today. This lady is of course my secret fantasy to have a naughty time with..but can't go there!!! This perked me up, my confidence in my masculinity went up..and the day went well.

Tonights exhaustion is not from a frustrated, got nothing done type of day, but a day where LOTS got done, I felt productive and in the end, felt sexy doing it.

Todays picture is of an F14 Tomcat of the US Navy. This is the top gun is being retired from the fleet and will soon be gone by end of next year. Too bad..its a sexy plane with super performance..but like almost 40 years old!!

sexgoddess2462 46F  
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4/25/2005 7:55 pm

If a women is caught looking, it's because she wanted to be . . .
Yes, women look and sometimes our methods of communication may be coy and sly, but every action has a particular purpose . . .
Feeling sexy is the best feeling in the world. Glad you had the cahnce to enjoy the feeling.....


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