Lets get ON with it..lol  

winnipegstudly 51M
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4/17/2005 12:13 pm

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11/12/2006 9:12 pm

Lets get ON with it..lol

Finally, I think I have made the transition from blah wintery moods to some more energetic, hopeful and cheerful moods. Finally, here in Winnipeg, the sky in not full of grey gloomy clouds but of bright clear and warm sunshine. I love how this make me feel optimistic, energetic and hopeful life will be good, and friend and good times are all in the cards.

This of course includes some kinky thoughts of my own. I have never made love with someone outside in the open air. In a car maybe, but never in the open, on a sandy beach..(can one say grit OUCH!!!) or on a blanket under a warm starry night. Our long ago ancestors, they knew nothing of computers, articificial light or heat / airconditiioning. They walked the plains and hills and forests, unaware the act of procreation would one day become this hidden, in a dark room, please pull the covers up activity.

I wonder what it would be like to do that. OMG, what is someone saw us...hmm....whats so bad about that? I have been once on a nude beach in Europe ages ago. After about 30 minutes there, I actually wanted to look at peoples faces, not thier breasts or kittens!! The novelty wears off and low and behold, I found myself drawn to the faces of the young ladies we wanted to meet. There was nothing to hide; except what was INSIDE our minds and thoughts!! It was kind of nice..to think we weren't worried about how small a bikini was and what did her breasts look like. We wanted to meet someone who we could laugh and have fun with.

Of course, the young ladies we did meet, they were not hard on our eyes, but we knew immediately if there was a physical attraction..once that was over, let the fun of talking and joking around begin. It was one of the best times I spent meeting people...no hang-ups!!!

and granted..some people should NEVER take their clothes off...but that is just my personal opinion!!

Please, everyone, enjoy the nice warm weather for those reading from Winnipeg, not many months before it turns back to less appealing weather. If anyone wants to help me find out whats it like to make love outdoors...let me know, or if you have had an outside experience..tell us about it!!!

btw..the car picture is what I dream to own one day when I win the lottery...1971 Hemi Cuda!!!

sexgoddess2462 46F  
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4/19/2005 5:56 pm

Hey Studly . . . I agree with you. Winter is way too long and the beautiful weather will be gone before we know it. We need to step away from our computers, go outside into the sun and completely enjoy it. Of course, there is nothing quite the same as a hot summer night. Outside experiences are a very good thing and one can never have too many . . . . smiling. Hope you enjoy whatever experiences happen your way . . .kisses

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