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5/23/2005 3:06 pm

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First of all... thanks for coming to my blog. I assume that you're here because you're at least a little curious about my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully, a few of you even CARE about them. So here goes nothing... please excuse my first attempt, which in true blog fashion, is more just random thoughts typed out as they fly through my head, and not an over-edited literary masterpiece...

There was a message board thread a while back called "What kind of friend are you?" or something along those lines. I never posted, but I have some pretty current thoughts...

When eyes meet in silence
A pact can be made
A life-long alliance
That won't be betrayed
Be friendly, befriend me now
Be friendly

A friend is a friend
Nothing can change that
Arguments, squabbles
Can't break the contract
That each of you makes
To the death, to the end
Deliver your future
Into the hands of your friend
- Pete Townshend

I'm the kind of friend that gives my friends the benefit of the doubt. I don't judge them without talking to them first. If they've done something wrong, even if it's to me personally, I can sure as hell call them on it, but I'll keep an open mind and hear their side of the story. How can I honor that pact or alliance without doing just that? I've been told recently that I've missed out on some of life's important lessons. But that's one that I know I haven't missed. Sometimes things just aren't as black and white as they seem. In fact, they almost never are. It's easy to make judgements based on limited knowledge, and there are a lot of reasons why it's done. Maybe a third party, one whom you trust beyond reproach has given the story to you. Maybe you've had experience with the same kind of situations in the past, so you assume that the current one is the same kind of thing. Well, most likely it's not. I try to treat everybody, not just friends, with respect enough not to judge them without hearing what they have to say firsthand. I'm not perfect by any means, and certainly I fail to carry out this lesson at times. But when it comes to close friends, family, or significant others, I think I do a pretty good job. If you're cutting your friends off before you listen to them, you've got another lesson to learn, too.

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