Quality Always Has A Cost To It!  

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6/13/2005 11:18 pm

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Quality Always Has A Cost To It!

Well great to have you back and keeping in touch with the blog. Hey, let me say something here about this blog and how it is progressing!!!!

In the outset of this blog, it was and is my intention to cover the whole dimension of food and sexuality in todays lifestyle, and one observation I have made is the role of instant food (and instant sex), in todays society.

There will be those that already have switched off the blog because the "Juicy Bits" arent there yet? Well MY POINT EXACTLY! Sensuality in our lives needs to be built into the way we respond daily to ourselves and others. It is not a tap to switch on and instantly gratified our needs, so learn the art of sensuality by learning to cultivate an attitude of Preparation - Quality - Patience.

Woman are good are naturally good at this, men by and large are appalling at it. A man just wants the wrapping off to "get to it", a woman loves the packaging (and has down to an art form,)how to tantilise a man by slowly revealing what lies beneath.

A woman is turned on by all five senses whereas a man rarely uses more than two (Touch and Sight). Show a man a picture of a naked woman and hes up for it (literally)in one second flat. Come on guys, get with the programme and learn to sensortise the other three senses (Hearing, Smell and Taste).

Quality is not always Quantity. Did you know that the vast majority of woman are stimulated and aroused "externally" far more than "internally" True! And did you know that "internally" a woman only has nerve endings on the first 3CM of her vagina. True! So here me out on this guys. Enough is a feast, but if you dont know how to package the deal, aint no amount is gonna deliver.

Maybe some of the woman can comment on this, but the more skill that goes into something the more costly it usually is. Ferrari don't push out a 1000 cars a month, but the demand is always there. There are plenty Fords or Toyotas on the car lot and the do the job, but ever drove a Ferrari??????? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So what is quality like in someone who lives life sensually?

They understand the needs of others
They look at ways of fulfilling those needs
They heighten all of our senses in many ways:

Touch is an art form, to know how to gently arouse and stimulate every fibre of someones being. To gently draw a finger or tongue accross areas of intimacy and longing. To blow, lick, tease or nibble in such a way as to bring warm flushes of excitement to the skin.

Taste drives the very energy and life source of our bodies into extasy. Food is sensual, and used in intimacy is powerful. Cream, Fruit, Coffee, Egg, Shaved almonds, Wine, Liquers of Cointreau and Anise all bring an increase in arousal. Warm melted chocolate with brown rum and papaya.

Smell if POWERFUL! Beleive me, there is nothing to put off intimacy than sour odours that need purging. Aroma therapy is an art and studies show that chocolate scent actually decreeses depression in people. The aromas produce increased seratone that stimulates endorphines to create happiness. Wine has a similar effect (and we are talking smelling now, not eating or drinking). So what smells can be used to make the evening more sensual??? (later)

Hearing is a great way of creating the mood. Of course our musical tastes may differ and we respond to music in different ways dont we... I dont think KISS would do much for me, but may do for someone else. One of the most poinient sounds are those that nature provides. Wind, Rain, Storms, Wildlife and the like. One of my greatest experiences was on a boat in the harbour on a warm sunny evening. As the wind blew through the sails, and water lapped around the boat.... Oh yes use sound to prepare the evening.

Sight... Woman win hands down on this. Thank goodness they know how to bring out the male in us. That aluring package that mystically hides beneath it total satisfaction for us all. I love the chase. The mystique of getting to warm flesh that smells like a rose garden, or a warm sunny evening on the breese of summer!!! mmmmmmm. As the wind rustles through her hair, the warmth of a careful caress, a taste of warm shiraz and strawberries rubbed around the mouth and finally engulfing the tresures that await us beneath.

That makes sense of our senses, yeah quality counts and it costs us. Dearly!

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