chat room bullshit  

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11/21/2005 7:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

chat room bullshit

the other day i take a look in the chat room to see what is going on and i am reminded again why i hate it so much. christ when was the last time the conversation in there was elevated above the level of "where are you from?"... "are you japanese?"... "do you wanna chat in private?" come on people! the price of membership is the same as 7 beers at your cheapest local! are you all that cheap?

and what is it it with these names? does it really help your chances if your name is "hunglikeholmes" or "stabyouallnightlong" or "tryingtogetgash?" what are these people thinking?

next question... does it really work if you join the chat room, haven't talked to anybody, yet ask the question "does anybody want to watch me masterbate on webcam?" or "any women wanna chat in private?" i mean it would be better if you asked "does anybody want to watch me light my farts on fire?" at least that would be entertaining!

lets get it together here people! we are all adults i hope! we have gone so far as to want to widen our experiences by moving to a different country and immersing ourselves in their culture. can't we be a little more creative than "any girl (thanks for specifying by the way!)wanna watch me paddle my panda on webcam?"

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