Thinking about breasts  

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12/1/2005 10:22 pm

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Thinking about breasts

It's been almost fifteen years since I made my first feature film. Most of my work is serious, dramatic work. But my friends know that one of my very favorite filmmakers is Russ Meyer, the Emperor of Sleaze, king of Bosomania. Before hardcore porn and silicone and saline implants took over, the biggest breasts ever to jiggle on the screen were in Meyer's movies. Watching them for me was a revelation: the films were sexy without being gross, like I find most porn, and funny like reading Li'l Abner comic strips (which I loved as a child).

I've always wanted to do a film like that. I finally decided I would. This is my blog.

I don't know how much interest it has for anyone but me, but I thought I'd post it, anyway.

Pictures and such to come later. Stay tuned.

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